Self-declaration Form

Submission of the self-declaration

On the basis of the self-declaration for the EPR connectivity of a primary system, providers are given the opportunity to report their functionalities in this area and to publish them on the eHealth Suisse website. After publication, the completed self-declaration is available to all interested parties on the eHealth Suisse website.

External link: Checklist for connecting primary systems to the EPR (in German) (951 KB, 10/03/23)

External link: Checklist for connecting primary systems to the EPR (in French) (956 KB, 10/05/23)

Internal link: To the list of software with EPR connexion


Due to the continuous development of the EPR and the expansion of exchange platforms, the questionnaire’s criteria catalogue is updated on a regular basis. Responsibility for updating the criteria catalogue lies with eHealth Suisse.

In the event of an update, manufacturers have a defined implementation period of three months. In this period, the providers have time to technically upgrade their system in order to meet the new requirements and fulfil the supplemented criteria for the EPR connection. Following the publication of an updated criteria catalogue, the providers have three months to update and submit their self-declaration.

Current version: criteria catalogue 1.0

New developments :

For all developments of your solution, please fill in the self-declaration questionnaire again and send it directly to eHealth Suisse by e-mail (External link: ).

For more extensive changes to your declaration, please complete the entire self-declaration again. Once accepted by eHealth Suisse, your old declaration will be deleted.

Please download the Excel document here, complete it and attach it to the web form in the “Attachments” section.

Contact person for eHealth Suisse:

Contact person for interested institutions:
Note: The achieved integration level is derived from the criteria catalogue and must be manually transferred to this field
Tip: Are there software versions from the declared software for which the EPR connection is not implementable as declared? If so, please indicate these versions.