EPR Projectathon

Real-world testing the EPR

The EPR Projectathon gives interested organisations the opportunity to test the EPR capabilities of their IT systems in the EPR reference environment as a way of preparing for real-world use of the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) and for certification under the EPR Act.

The Projectathon is a test week for medical IT systems associated with the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) and similar to the IHE-Europe Connectathon. The EPR Projectathon gives interested organisations an opportunity to test their IT systems’ suitability for the EPR in the EPR reference environment. Testing takes place in the reference environment in isolation, in partnership with another company or as part of a group. The tests focus on all IHE profiles required for the EPR, but particularly the national extensions specific to Switzerland. As a result, participants can prepare for real-world use and also for the ongoing development of EPR functions.

The EPR interoperability tests are voluntary and non-binding for all participants. They are an opportunity for intensive knowledge-sharing and represent a steep learning curve for everyone. Participation in the EPR Projectathon is therefore strongly recommended for anyone who is already connected to the EPR system or is set to be in the future – EPR communities, primary system providers (CIS, PIS, etc.), electronic ID issuers and healthcare facilities that intend to integrate the EPR themselves.

Five test days in September

The first EPR Projectathon took place in Köniz (Canton Bern), in 2017. Since then it has taken place annually, generally in Bern, in the second or third week of September. In Spring 2018 and 2019, EPR Projectathons were held within the IHE-Europe Connectathons in The Hague and in Rennes. The September 2022 EPR Projectathon took place alongside the Joint IHE Connectathon in Montreux (Canton Vaud).

Final EPR Projectathon reports (in English)

External link: Final Report 2023 (770 KB, 10/25/23)

External link: Final Report 2022 (2.5 MB, 10/04/23)

External link: Final Report 2021 (2.1 MB, 10/04/23)

Year-round testing in the EPR reference environment

The EPR reference environment provides a permanently online test platform. Specific components undergo systematic validation at certain intervals. Ongoing work is shared and discussed in the EPR Projectathon Google group. An up-to-date overview of the relevant specifications can be found on the relevant webpage.

External link: EPR reference environment

External link: Tests List EPR Use Cases

External link: EPR Sequence Diagrams

Relevant specifications

External link: Overview of IHE Integration Profiles EPR (609 KB, 10/04/23)

External link: Maturity Level IHE Integration Profiles EPR (428 KB, 11/20/23)

Stay up-to-date

An EPR Projectathon Google group gives IT specialists a forum in which to share questions and information on the reference environment and EPR Projectathon with each other. Anyone who would like to join can register for the group. For general information on the EPR Projectathon, you can also subscribe to the eHealth Suisse and IHE Suisse newsletters.

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  • Abilis /OFAC
    • AD Swiss
    • Agfa HealthCare AG
    • AGORA SA
    • Avintis SA
    • Berner Fachhochschule – Medizininformatik
    • BINT GmbH
    • CARA (HUG)
    • CERNER
    • Colnec Health (Midas Services AG)
    • Comarch Healthcare SA
    • CompuGroup Medical Schweiz AG
    • DH HealthCare Switzerland AG (Dedalus)
    • d.velop AG
    • ELCA Informatique SA
    • Enovacom
    • GE Medical Systems AG
    • HCI Solutions AG
    • Healthinal
    • Health Info Net AG (HIN)
    • Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève HUG (CARA)
    • iCure SA
    • Ines GmbH
    • Integic AG
    • Interact Digital AG (= SER group)
    • InterSystems Corporation
    • ITH icoserve technology for healthcare GmbH
    • Meierhofer AG
    • NEXUS Schweiz GmbH
    • OFAC
    • Open Connections GmbH
    • Openmedical AG
    • Open Web Technology SA
    • Post CH AG
    • Sage Schweiz AG
    • Sopra Steria
    • Sectra Medical Systems GmbH
    • Swisscom Health AG
    • SwissSign AG
    • Sylex SARL
    • Synedra Schweiz AG
    • Tecost AG
    • The i-engineers AG
    • Uptime Services AG
    • VISUS IT Solutions AG
    • x-tention AG
    • Zollsoft