Programmierhilfen für das EPD

Central Compensation Office: UPI

The Central Compensation Office (CCO) assigns and manages the new patient identification number for the electronic patient dossier (EPR-SPID) provided for by law, which is only linked to the Old-age and survivors' insurance (OASI) number within the CCO. The Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunication (FOITT) manages the Unique Personal Identifier Database (UPI) identification database, which the EPR (master) communities are authorised to access.

External link: Identification for the EPR (FOITT Website, in German)

The following interface standards describe access to the UPI web service:

External link: eCH-0213: Messages UPI/SPID

External link: eCH-0214: Queries UPI/SPID

It is also possible to subscribe to the broadcast service. In this case, the UPI automatically informs you if an EPR-SPID has been cancelled, if there is an OASI number with more than one active EPR-SPID and if one of them has been deactivated.

External link: eCH-0215: Broadcast of mutations UPI/SPID

Secure communication: SEDEX

The SEDEX client (Secure Data Exchange) must be used for secure communication with the UPI in accordance with the certification requirements.

Software manufacturers who implement the connection to the UPI for EPR communities and communities of reference can order a SEDEX test access at The costs are covered by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).

Certified (reference) communities can apply to the FOPH for access to the productive SEDEX environment. This access is subject to a fee in accordance with the SEDEX cost model.

If a test access is no longer required, the FOPH must also be informed quickly of the withdrawal of authorisations under External link: FOPH query services .

External link: Information about SEDEX

External link: Download SEDEX client und instructions

External link: Download AAR file for client under Web Service: UPI/EPR-SPID