The term "eHealth" covers all eHealth services: Electronic means are used in the health sector to improve processes and network those involved.

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Fields of expertise

eHealth + mobile = mHealth

The term "mHealth" corresponds to a particular aspect of the digitisation of the health system: it describes the technical requirements for the use of health data from portable medical devices and other "wearables" (e.g. fitness bracelets) for the electronic patient record (EPR).
However, the field of mobile health (mHealth) is currently highly dependent on supply and demand; a coordinated approach is lacking in Switzerland. eHealth Suisse is therefore developing the basis for coordinated treatment and has drawn up its first recommendations in this area. The document contains recommendations for mobile health ("mobile health" or "mHealth"), which are intended, among other things, to improve the transparency of applications on the market. The document also addresses the use of data collected by mobile devices in the context of the electronic patient record.

National architecture for eMedication

In 2019, the eHealth Suisse eHealth working group will develop the architecture for eHealth in the EPR. The results are now available in the final report : for each patient, the e-medication data must be recorded in his or her own reference community, in contrast to the EPR documents, which are recorded by the service providers in a decentralised manner in their respective (reference) community. The patient's reference community is also responsible for the operation of an "e-medication service", in particular for updating the medication overview.

Last modification 07.06.2023