eHealth Suisse, Swiss Competence and Coordination Center of the Confederation and the Cantons

The provision of health care is the responsibility of the cantons. However, it is necessary for e-health projects to be effective beyond cantonal borders. Because people today are highly mobile: they move, change doctors or travel to other regions. This mobility often means that the necessary health information is lacking when it is needed.

National digital networking is the best solution to tackle this problem. For this reason, the Confederation and the cantons concluded a framework agreement and in 2007 created a competence and coordination centre: eHealth Suisse. Since 2017, eHealth Suisse has also been responsible for the formal implementation tasks of the Federal Act on the Electronic Patient Record (EPR), thus ensuring that health information is available at the right time and in the right place throughout Switzerland.



After several years of preliminary work to lay the foundations for the electronic patient record, eHealth Suisse is taking on more and more implementation tasks.


The authorities responsible for eHealth Suisse are the Confederation and the cantons, which have concluded a framework agreement for this purpose.

Last modification 24.01.2022