EPR Projectathon 2017

100 experts for more interoperability

The first EPR Projectathon took place from 25 to 29 September 2017 in Köniz, near Bern. There were 79 IT experts from 16 companies and 4 countries. They were accompanied by 13 monitors and 8 staff members, so that a total of 100 people participated in testing technical solutions for the EPR.

They completed the Projectathon successfully

These companies participated in the 2017 EPR Projectathon:

  • Avintis SA
  • BINT GmbH
  • CompuGroup Medical Schweiz AG
  • GE Medical Systems (Schweiz) AG
  • Health Info Net AG (HIN)
  • ITH icoserve technology for healthcare GmbH
  • Ofac, Société Coopérative
  • Post CH AG
  • Sage Schweiz AG
  • Swisscom Health AG
  • SwissSign AG
  • Sylex SARL
  • the i-engineers AG
  • Uptime Services AG
  • VISUS IT Solutions AG

The central enquiry services (FOITT) and the Central Compensation Office (CCO) also participated in the EPR Projectathon.

Last modification 26.09.2019