Located at the feet of the Alps on the lakeside of the Geneva Lake (Léman), Montreux first became a touristic destination in the 20th century, when Brisith tourists first came to the newly built hotels. The town offers a variety of touristic experiences between nature, art, history, and adventure. 

Guests staying at a hotel in Montreux receive a Montreux Riviera Card. It allows you to travel freely by public transport in the designated area. You also receives discounts on multiple activities and museums. 

Guests staying in other towns and cities along the lake Geneva may receive similar discount cards, such as the Lausanne Transport Card or the Lavaux Transport Card. The discounts covered by each Transport Card vary.

Public transport

On the website or the mobile app of the SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) you can plan your trip, whether by train, bus, boat, or mountain trains.

If you decide to extend your stay in Switzerland, check the special travel passes:

Walking around

If you wish to walk, hike or bike in Switzerland, we recommand the following apps and websites:

Coming to Switzerland

Covid restrictions Check what restrictions apply to you with the Swiss Travel Check from the Federal Office of Public Health. 

Coming by train Switzerland offers a reliable and comprehensive railway network. So why not come by train and relax while enjoying the landscape?

Coming by car Don't forget to buy you motorway vignette. To ride on the motorways in Switzerland, you need to purchase the motorway vignette at a cost of 40 CHF, either at the border or order it online

Coming by air The closest airport is Geneva. But you can alternatively arrive at Zürich, Basel, or a regional airport. Montreux is 60 to 90 minutes from Geneva Airport by train or car.

Money The currency used in Switzerland is the Swiss Franc, abbreviated CHF. Euros are accepted in many stores and touristic institutions close to the borders, but usually not in smaller shops or inside the country. You can usually exchange money at the airport, at major railway stations, in banks and some hotels. Learn more about money and shopping in Switzerland

Swissness Curious about Switzerland? Learn some general facts about the population, the languages, the security, the politics, and more. 

Last modification 22.06.2022